It's Pilates. Are you ready?

We aim to offer each of our clients a one of a kind pilates experience with the help of pilates reformer beds. Conveniently located inside Snap Fitness of Denham Springs, Pilates Plus offers small client-focused classes that are structured to not only provide a top-notch physical workout, but support clients throughout their journey with effective motivation and highly skilled instructors.

Our Classes

Reformer Pilates

Pilates Plus of Denham Springs offers small reformer based Pilates classes focusing mainly on core-centered movements with additional emphasis on upper and lower body muscle groups. We offer a low impact, high intensity total body workout in 45 minutes.

Spin/Pilates Combo

This combo class brings the perfect mix of cardio and core! You will begin in our Spin Studio for a ride that will challenge your lower body to the max then head straight over the the Pilates Studio to finish with a core and upper body workout on our reformer pilates machines. **Please arrive 15 minutes early for this class so your instructor can customize the bike settings for you and give you an overview of the bike.

Plyo + Pilates

We will begin this combo workout in the Group Training Room for some light weight training mixed with plyometric movements then finish up in the Pilates studio with some core work that will leave your abs burning!

TRX Pilates

Start off with a total body TRX workout on our Reformer beds then finish up class with a mid-week stretch!

Footstrap Friday

It's finally FRIDAY! End your week with our Footstrap Friday total body reformer pilates workout that is sure to make you burn, shake and stretch you into the weekend!

Sunday Stretch

Enjoy a nice Sunday afternoon stretch. Your instructor will incorporate different stretching techniques while still providing a total body reformer pilates workout.

Class Pricing

There are two basic ways to pay for your classes.

Pre-Paid Packages

Starting At: $20
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Monthly Membership

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There is probably no piece of Pilates equipment more famous than the Pilates reformer. And for good reason. The reformer makes a dramatic impression when you first see one, and an even more dramatic change in the body when you use it. Reformers are lined up in Pilates studios all over the world. Reformer classes are usually one of the main choices at Pilates studios. And portable reformers continue to grow as a home exercise equipment trend. So what makes the reformer so special?


This isn't your average, every day workout. Pilates alone is a whole new approach to physical exercise, but with the reformer beds this approach is taken to a whole new level. By taking advantage of the many applications the reformer beds provide, we instruct you through intense but rewarding 45 minute sessions that will propel you towards your fitness goals.

Meet Our Team

Mandi Charlet

Mandi Charlet

Owner / Instructor

Brooke Bridges

Brooke Bridges


Amy Brewer

Amy Brewer